WaiterOne - New App without Ongoing Fees

Your POS solution for the restaurant and bar business for iPhone/iPod and iPad.

WaiterOne is a suite of different apps and services running on Apple’s premium hard- and software. We have :

• WaiterOne for iPad

• WaiterOne Remote for iPhone/iPod and WaiterOne Remote HD for iPad

• WaiterOne Dashboard for iPhone

• WaiterOne KDS for iPad and iPhone/iPod

WaiterOne for iPad costs about $65.00 and is available the Apple App Store. WaiterOne acts as a stand-alone or server version. There are no monthly costs nor subscriptions involved. Install it on your iPad and start using it right away. 

Your POS solution starts with this iPad version, heart and brain of the system, regulating all traffic from and to your devices (printers, iPods/iPhones, remote iPads, KDS, cloud). WaiterOne for iPad can, of course, be used for any normal command or data entry, but the real power and speed comes in when you start using your iPhone (or iPod) as an ordering device.

WaiterOne Remote for iPhone and iPod touch is free of charge and is capable of transforming your iPhone or iPod touch into a waiter ordering system. 

WaiterOne Remote will be your waiters best friend. It's fast, stylish and hip. People will have a look at it and ask themselves : “is this really an iPod?”.

WaiterOne Remote HD for iPad is just another WaiterOne screen in your business. Put it strategically in your bar or restaurant and serve you client faster. WaiterOne Remote for iPad is sold at approx $65.00.

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