kounta pos systems

Kounta Support - Options when it comes to printing

There are a few different Printing Methods that you can use depending on the device (POS register) you are using and the functionality that you require.
Kent offer "free" consultancy and advice for customers that sign up with us and purchase their hardware from us. Alternatively we can offer pre-paid phone support or arrange an on site visit by our expert staff - please purchase a support voucher or email a support ticket. We ask that you first pre-register by simply filling out the support ticket on our website (newsletter will work also).

NOTE - Just because a printer is listed as compatible does not necessarily automatically determine the device (POS register) is compatible.  

Compatible Printers

TM-T82 Ethernet
TM-T20 Ethernet
TM-T70 Ethernet
TM-T88V Ethernet
U220 Ethernet Impact Printer
Epson Intelligent printers will also work as their base model eg T82-i works as a T82

Star (iPad App only)
TSP-654 Ethernet
TSP-143 Ethernet (coming soon)
Star SP-700 Ethernet Impact Printer

Epson TM Intelligent Printing 

The Epson Intelligent range allows your browser to communicate directly with your printer.

It can also delegate print jobs to a range of normal Epson ethernet printers. Therefore with only one Intelligent printer you can power a number of other Epson ethernet printer and can create complex printing setup quickly and simply.

Kounta Compatible Printers
Epson TM-T88Vi Intelligent Cloud Printer
Epson TM-T82-i Intelligent Cloud Printer
Epson TM-T70-i Intelligent Cloud Printer